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The DhO Dharma Wiki is a place where one can find detailed information regarding various meditative practices--including what they are, how to do them, and what they lead to. Below you'll find an extensive list of various meditative techniques and maps of the territory that these practices, if done correctly, will lead to.

A few things worth knowing about the wiki:

  1. Things in red are links that haven't yet had their pages created. Blue links that lead to blank pages are pages we hope someone will fill in. This is a work in progress. If you want to have a hand in creating them, see the next point
  2. Authorship is restricted. If you want to be a Wiki Author, let a Wiki Moderator or DhO Administrator know. We want to keep this of high quality.
  3. If you make an entry about anything that is anything other than straight-up standard dogma or doctrine, you must state that this your take on this by the following method: you will place your full, real name before your addition to the content so that it is labeled as your take on the topic so that there is no ambiguity about who the author of that section of entry is.
  4. As this will be a wiki with explicit authorship, adding an entry to the wiki is explicitly a claim to direct, personal understanding and attainment of whatever you are saying unless you explicitly label it as dogma, doctrine, theory or hearsay, and then you must give the reference for that or state that you don't know the reference if that is the case. Minimize the latter when possible except as something to build on or react to.
  5. Controversy in this is inevitable and expected. This is to be a place where the debates, complexities, ambiguities and convergences can all be seen as they are as much as possible. Rather than an attempt to say, "This is absolutely how it is, end of story", this wiki is an attempt to say, "This is these peoples' takes on the thing based on their own experience and experiments," which hopefully will lead to something broad, realistic, practical, applicable, and experienced-based as much as possible that has more depth than what is typically possible based on one author or tradition or small, sectarian group.
  6. The wiki will attempt to explore and promote personal practice, direct understanding and attainment whenever possible. All entries should attempt to keep this focus at the forefront whenever possible or say how this relates to something practical and useful that will make people's actual lives and this world somehow better.

DhO Basics

DhO Dictionary

Core Principles

Here are some of the most core principles and teachings that are mentioned on this site.

The Best of the DhO

Here you can find links to some of the Best of the DhO.

Types of Meditation

Here is a list of some of the different meditative techniques that are discussed on this site, along with related instructions. Many more may be found if you look around.

Concentration Techniques

Concentration techniques (sometimes called samatha practices) include those techniques which lead to a stabilization of attention on a particular object, and then often the development of more subtle stages of concentration, called the samatha jhanas.

Insight Techniques

Insight techniques (sometimes called Vipassana practices) are more devoted to momentary concentration, noticing object after object, and tend to be more dedicated to promoting direct insights into the fundamental nature of phenomena, awareness and the like than anything else.

Energy-oriented Practices

Energy practices is a broad category for various practices that tend to relate to discovering, cultivating and exploring our energetic systems. They may promote insight and tranquility and have other healthful effects and may be derived from a number of traditions. There is a lot of interest here around how these practices may augment or be augmented by other practices here.

Non-Dual/Immediate Practices

There are various practices and emphases that have a much less goal-oriented and object-oriented emphasis and a much more emphasis on this being it and on taking on Awareness or the Self or some other conceptualization of the Subject as the focus of practice.


As there has been a lot of interest lately in Actual Freedom (AF for short), there is now a wiki section dedicated to its terms, practices, emphases, concepts, links, etc.

The Maps of Meditation

There are many maps used to describe the progress of meditation. Below you'll find a list of many of these various maps.

Theravada Maps:

Tibetan Maps:

Zen Maps:

Christian Maps:

Other Maps:

Traditions and Theory

Chuck's Corner: Early Buddhism

The Art of Nakedness: A Look At Buddhist Salvation

The Powers

Magick and the Brahma Viharas

eBooks and Resources

Retreat Centers and Places to Practice

Places to Meditate is a site dedicated to reviewing Asian retreat centers.