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Practice Update: The Veil Daniel M. Ingram 14 6320 Date: 5/27/12 4:05 AM
By: Daniel M. Ingram
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castelijns's noting practice Bart Castelijns 5 5845 Date: 5/10/12 5:06 PM
By: Bart Castelijns
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Exercise + Self-kindness + Weird eye flutter Bruno Loff 7 6510 Date: 5/7/12 9:25 PM
By: Daniel Johnson
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Adam L's Practice Journal Adam L 43 17363 Date: 5/4/12 4:06 PM
By: Adam . .
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Martin's practice thread Magada Rtinguindin 12 6434 Date: 4/23/12 4:57 AM
By: Magada Rtinguindin
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Nathan's Practice Log: Live from the Pacific Crest Trail Nathan Frank 3 5073 Date: 4/15/12 5:03 PM
By: The Meditator
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Don's Practice Log Don Loristo 10 5236 Date: 3/13/12 5:48 PM
By: Don Loristo
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Shiva's Goenka Practice Log Shiva R Wheeler 2 4585 Date: 3/7/12 6:29 PM
By: Eric B
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RE: Bud's SE Practice Log Tommy M 1 3801 Date: 2/28/12 3:50 AM
By: Tommy M
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Actual and practical: Practice log Ross A. K. 19 6418 Date: 2/22/12 5:42 PM
By: Ross A. K.
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notes on my practice (inspired by actualism) Beoman Claudiu Dragon Emu Fire Golem 239 35012 Date: 2/13/12 1:34 AM
By: Andrew .
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practice thread part 2 josh r s 35 5617 Date: 2/12/12 5:52 AM
By: End in Sight
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Practice of the Hopeful Seeker C T W 8 3065 Date: 1/22/12 9:43 PM
By: C T W
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Basic Practice Following the Suttas Paul Quinn 1 2405 Date: 1/17/12 9:27 PM
By: Paul Quinn
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